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Asian Carp Update! - Carp in the Sandusky River???

UPDATE - December 2016

See the response from the Ontario Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, Kathryn McGarry, to the KRAA's letter on behalf of the membership addressing Asian Carp in the Sandusky River:

U.S. Residents - We need your help!

Please see this update and request from GBA Executive Director Bob Duncanson:

"Following up on the recent Great Lakes Fisheries Conference I spoke with Becky Cudmore who is Canada's expert on Asian Carp. Becky is a Senior Science Advisor at Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Becky reports that there has been evidence of reproduction of Grass Carp in the Sandusky River that flows into Lake Erie. Carp eggs have been found three times in that River over the past few years. It has not been determined if any of these eggs have produced fish and, if so, the fish have made it into Lake Erie. DNA testing showed that none of the few Grass Carp that were caught in Lakes Erie and Ontario in 2015 were from the Sandusky River. There were 11 Grass Carp caught in 2016, 10 in Lake Gibson which is attached to the Welland Canal and 1 west of Point Pelee. DNA testing of these fish has yet to be completed.

The State of Ohio has the primary responsibility for managing the water in the Sandusky River. They are reluctant to spend the money that would be necessary to eradicate the Grass Carp in that River at least until more research has been completed on the threat posed by the Carp and the options to eradicate them should the threat be substantiated. This seeming lack of urgency has created concern in the Great Lakes community. The eight Great Lakes States and Ontario and Quebec have an agreement to come to each other's aid in situations like this to deal with Asian Carp. To date Ohio has not asked for any aid.

The most appropriate action that GBA could take at this time is to educate our membership on this issue and encourage any members who live in the State of Ohio to write to their State leaders to implore them to take action to prevent Grass Carp from breeding in the Sandusky River and entering the Great Lakes." - Bob Duncanson

If you are a U.S. resident (especially if you are from Ohio!), please write to Governor John Kasich about this issue. Here is a sample letter you can use as the basis for yours:

Sample Letter to Governor Kasich Re Carp in the Sandusky River (word doc)

Not a U.S. resident but want to send a letter anyway? Go ahead. This issue can use all the help it can get.

KRAA has sent the following letter to the Ontario Minister for Natural Resources and Fisheries, Kathryn McGarry:

Letter to Minister Kathryn McGarry from KRAA Re Carp in the Sandusky River (.pdf)


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